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We are dedicated to spreading the knowledge and practice of embodiment  

The Peregrine Partnership is a company that was founded by Andrena Woodhams and Arik Shimansky been founded to create platform for the dissemination of the embodiment Cure, a body-based approach to mental and physical wellness.

The Peregrine Partnership disseminates the Embodiment Cure through talks, courses, and individual programs. The underlying principle is the insight that deepening our awareness into the body is the bedrock of any change, and by itself provides the compass towards living a clean and conscious life.

The Founders

Andrena Woodhams


American by birth, polyglot by nature, Andrena is an author, lecturer, and expert in world travel events. The knowledge gleaned during Andrena’ fifteen year search to find home within herself is the basis for her novels and core of the Embodiment Cure.


Israeli by birth, ex-banker by trade, Arik is a poet, lecturer, and entrepreneur in crypto and fintech. His ability to synthesize complicated subjects enabled him to systemize the knowledge of the Embodiment Cure into a form that can be disseminated.