Andrena Woodhams


Born in Kansas and raised in Brazil, Andrena graduated with a cum laude degree in Spanish from Columbia University in New York before moving to London to work as a reporter and presenter for BBC World Television. A believer that business is a tool for change, upon moving to Austria, she co-founded a media company and produced videos for Norman Lear and George Soros.

However, seven countries and six languages later, she was stopped in her tracks by a simple medical procedure that not only corrected her vision, but how she saw the world. Realizing there was something missing in her life, she closed her company, sold her possessions and set off to discover what it was.

For fifteen years, she worked with somatic therapists, bodyworkers, practitioners of Eastern disciplines, and experts in the fields of consciousness and transpersonal growth as she undertook the arduous journey home—within herself.

The knowledge she gleaned along the way is the core of The Embodiment Cure. Her two novels, The Extraordinary Awakening of Annabel Jones and The Magical Reality of Annabel Jones, capture the journey of embodiment in a fictional narrative form.