Mental Wellness in the Workplace

A 6-week course for women

The world in general, and the world of work in particular, are changing at an accelerating pace.

The impact of covid and technology is pushing everyone to rethink how they work, and about life in general. It is even more challenging to many women that find themselves having to juggle changing working conditions with their existing obligations.

The Embodiment Cure can provide the tools to manage this change in a way that improves health and general wellbeing. 

We are sharing this knowledge through a 6-weeks remote program aimed at women in the corporate environment.  It is best attended individually, and can also be given to small groups.

We believe that every participant will experience have deep positive impact both on their professional, and their personal, lives.

Our 6-week program is designed to help women cope with the stress of the post covid world. Build resilience, set boundaries, and engage in self-care. 

This can be offered individually or in small groups


Learn to “roll with the punches” by building your resilience and flexibility in a fast-changing environments

Own your power as a woman without losing your femininity

Use your body to reconnect with your natural sense of self worth

Discover how to prevent burnout by providing self-care

Deepen your relationship with your body to develop a more defined sense of purpose

Program Highlights


Restorative Habits

How to adopt daily rituals and routines to restore your vitality and energy


Radiant Health

Mental wellness is based upon a healthy body. Healthy eating is the cornerstone of daily focused productivity


Clearing Emotions

Understand where emotions are held in the body and how to release them freeing you to make better decisions


Resilience & Flexiblity

Learn movements and exercises that improve your mental clarity during the day and help you sleep better in fast changing circumstances


Stress Relief

Learning how to relieve embodied stress results increases confidence and relaxed awareness


The Power of Being a Woman

Reconnect with your purpose through receptivity to fully access your inner power as a woman

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