Daily Rituals

Like all journeys, embodiment begins with simple steps

"... after a while you cannot imagine living any other way"

Did you know that increased body awareness can help you detect medical issues while they are still in the incubation stage?

The body contains an innate wisdom that is available for you to unlock if you only know how. Western culture has taught us to see the body as a tool to manipulate at will. We feed our body the wrong food, stuff it with medications, live stressful lifestyles, and only really notice the body once something goes wrong.

Daily rituals offer you simple but solid routines that create a basis of stability in your life—naturally.

Modern life throws the mind and body out of balance. You need daily routines and rituals to form a stable base. A pivot point that will anchor you and give you the strength you need. This collection of simple daily rituals and routines are the bedrock of the Embodiment Cure. 

Water on hand

Change your life


Understand how to start the day in the best possible way

Heightened sensory awareness combats numbness and makes you feel alive

Improves sleep patterns and gives strategies to combat insomnia

Strengthens the immune system

Builds resilience


Can be booked via Zoom or in person, depending upon the geographical location. For more information and a speaker page 


Is aimed at women wishing a  tailor-made approach to deepen their process. To find out more how to work one-on-one with Andrena