Eat to Heal

Improving your relationship with food and understanding its impact on the body leads to lifelong health and vitality

"Changing your relationship with food changes your life"

We all realize that people who follow healthy diets tend to lead longer, healthier lives...

But what you may not realize is just how changing your eating habits can radically improve the quality of your life. What would life be like if you never needed to diet? If you understood the impact different foods have on the body? If you could taste more, feel more, enjoy eating food that is not only delicious but good for you, too?

Eating to Heal is a lifelong practice that, once understood, will create a radical change in your overall health. Far beyond the labels of vegan, vegetarian or meat-based, this approach teaches you how to select the right vegetables and fruits to buy, which food to order in restaurants, how to cook for optimal nutritional benefits, and offers a multitude of delicious recipes that will elevate your tastebuds to enjoy the best cuisine of your life.

Change your life


Understand the root causes of many illnesses and how to avoid them

Cuts through the confusion caused by the multitudes of diets on the market

Develop lifelong habits that build health

Cures food addictions and bad eating habits

Enjoy some of the most creative recipes in cooking today


Can be booked via Zoom or in person, depending upon the geographical location. For more information and a speaker page 


Is aimed at women wishing a  tailor-made approach to deepen their process. To find out more how to work one-on-one with Andrena