Full Body Detox

Clear the body and mind from the toxicity of modern living

"Modernity poisons us all. You can do something about it"

Did you know that in the healing process, things almost always get worse before they get better?

Irrespective of how healthy you believe your lifestyle is, you cannot escape the poisons in the air you breathe, the food you eat, the digital environment you inhabit, and the emotional wounds you carry. Toxic build up, which can be felt in the body as anxiety, fatigue, numbness, brain fog, weight gain, depression, and even illness, can numb you to the point of burn out.

The body is filled with harmful toxins, some of which you carried for decades. Detoxification is an important function of the body, especially when you consider how many toxins you are up against in today’s world. We will help you understand the healing process, what to expect from it, and how it can improve all areas of your life. Anger and fear are also toxins, and you will learn how to clear them. Mental and emotional wellness is your birth right and you can learn to claim it.

Change your life


Understanding the most important element of the healing process: better out than in

Learn how to remove anxiety, fatigue, numbness, brain fog and depression from your life

Learn the four essential detoxes and how to choose the right ones for you

Know which areas of the body hold toxic build up and how to release it

Detox yourself of the most misunderstood of all emotions: anger


Can be booked via Zoom or in person, depending upon the geographical location. For more information and a speaker page 


Is aimed at women wishing a  tailor-made approach to deepen their process. To find out more how to work one-on-one with Andrena