Embodied Living

Deepening your awareness into the body opens up the space for magic

"Letting go of your mind is the most liberating experience you can have"

The modern world is designed to encourage you to live in your mind

In our increasingly connected, virtual world, separation is disappearing. Many people react to this by regressing into a smaller tribal identity that produces anger and fear. Given the challenges facing the world, it is more important than ever to find a way to work and live together.

Embodiment helps do this. Living deep within your body means that you can open yourself to your innate wisdom. When you surrender into, rather than force yourself, upon the world, your life aligns with the the bigger picture. You gain a sense of awe and gratitude for just being alive. Life is not only magical, it becomes meaningful. Our life becomes a life of purpose and possibilities. By changing yourself, you are changing the world. One person at a time.

Change your life


You are never alone. You feel connected; to yourself, to others and to the planet

You feel empowered and are not threatened by change. You let life come to you.

You feel at home, wherever you are

You feel whole within yourself irrespective of external circumstances

You gain an anchored grounded sense of being


Can be booked via Zoom or in person, depending upon the geographical location. For more information and a speaker page 


Is aimed at women wishing a  tailor-made approach to deepen their process. To find out more how to work one-on-one with Andrena