The Embodiment Cure Program

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Your ability to live a full and engaged life depends upon living in balance. However, most of us live so much in our minds that we have become disconnected with our greatest vehicle we own: the body. This disconnect is behind much of the unhappiness, overwhelm, isolation, anxiety, mental and physical stress, and general malaise many of us experience. We are burnt out.

The Embodiment Cure helps you to descend from a life in the mind into your home in the body. Deepening your awareness into the body creates a positive impact on everything you do. More than just words, this is a physical shift which results in long-term, sustainable mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Embodiment Cure is the result of fifteen years of intense investigation into the foundations of what creates a healthy body and mind. It combines the full gamut of available wisdom, from shamanic insights to Far East bodily traditions with their spiritual underpinning to the Western understanding of the psyche. The result? A practical, accessible program that works.


A wonderful course that demonstrates the value of the freedom of spirit and mind. Andrena has such clarity of expression and is totally original in her approach. I enjoyed working with her from start to finish
Elizabeth Gage
Working with simple body moves, Andrena peels back many emotional layers and lets the natural healing process start. A life changing experience not to be missed.
Simon & Sarah L
The course is a deep dive into myself to relax my body and brain. I now know tools that help me relax, whether I’m in a stressful working day or in traffic jam
Moskaleva Inna

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