When you understand how the body creates and stores stress you can begin to release it

"Stress is one of the key factors preventing you from living deep in your body"

Did you know that stress is the body's reaction to the mind?

Experienced by 1/3 of the world’s population, it is also one of the key factors that prevents you from living deeper within the body. Whether it is felt as headaches, tiredness, or sleeping problems, stress can dangerously reduce a body’s immune system as well as limit the enjoyment of life. But stress is not a disease but a response. In our Western World, we are at war with ourselves, with others and with the planet. This fear-based perspective is not our natural state but is rather a product of our history.

A healthy body allows its energy to flow freely. Stress results from blockages in the flow of that energy. By understanding where the body holds these blocks and how to release it, mental, physical and emotional stress can become a thing of the past.  


Change your life


Learn proven methods of long-term physical and emotional stress relief

Practice exercises the provide instant stress relief

Change habitual stress patterns in the mind through releasing stress in the body

Harness your natural breathing patterns to address aches and pains

Improve your physical and mental flexibility


Can be booked via Zoom or in person, depending upon the geographical location. For more information and a speaker page 


Is aimed at women wishing a  tailor-made approach to deepen their process. To find out more how to work one-on-one with Andrena